For grant applicants

Pay attention to announcements about the grants, guidelines and your eligibility when you apply a grant for your project or research. 

The application period for research grants will be open 1.3.-17.3.2023

Applicants will be notified of decisions by the end of May.


The purpose of the Alli Paasikivi Foundation is to promote the social security of families in society. The foundation annually awards grants for both cultural and development initiatives as well as research that advance the Foundation’s mission. The application process for cultural and development projects takes place in the fall. Research grants are awarded at the beginning of the year.

The next application period for development and culture grants will be open 21.9.-5.10.2022. Applicants will be notified of decisions by the end of November personally and you can also find results here

Information about the grants

The Foundation makes announcements about the grants via public notices on its website, in website, and in Helsingin Sanomat.

The Foundation communicates both positive and negative grant decisions by email via the electronic application system. Grant recipients provide their commitment and payment information via the electronic grant system. By their commitment, grant recipients authorize the posting of their names on the website in connection with the awarding decision.

Information about the rules and regulations for pension and accident insurance for grant recipients is available from Mela, the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution, at

Types of grants

Cultural grants for registered associations, foundations and individuals

Cultural initiatives are small-scale projects that must be implemented within one year of awarding the grant. Networking and collaborations between several partners are viewed favorably when evaluating cultural grant applications. Publishing or printing one’s own work or production is not considered a cultural initiative. Applicants can be individuals,registered associations or foundations. The maximum grant amount for a cultural project is € 4,000.

Development grants for registered associations and foundations

Development grants are awarded to registered associations and foundations for the development of or experimentation with a novel approach, and for practical applications of research data. Projects must be completed within one year of awarding the grant. Grants awarded are mainly a maximum of 8,000 €. However, for one very high-quality and promising development project, a grant of more than 8,000 €  can be granted each year, with a maximum amount of 20,000 € .

Research grants for individuals

Research funding is awarded mainly in the form of individual grants. Only in exceptional cases may applications from teams of researchers or research entities receive funding.

The application period for research grants is announced early in the year. The application period is usually two weeks. Decisions are made in April. Decisions will be notified to grant recipients in person and on the website by the end of May.

Research projects that are viewed favorably include high-quality applications at either the dissertation or post-doctoral level. Of academic thesis projects, only dissertations are eligible for funding.

The grant must be used for the purpose for which it was awarded. As a general rule, the use of a research grant must begin within one year of being awarded.

Funding is not provided for undergraduate studies, travel, printing, equipment or the hiring of support staff.

The following attachment are submitted as part of research grant application:

  • research plan
  • recommendations
  • progress report 
  • ethics committee statement (if it is necessary for the research)
  • in registry studies, permission of the registry holder (if it is necessary for the research)
  • possible other attachments (if they are relevant to the research)

The research plan is mandatory for all applicants. For doctoral students, a recommendation is mandatory and must indicate the applicant’s participation in a doctoral program. If grant funding is sought for research that has received previous funding from the Alli Paasikivi Foundation for the same purpose, a progress report must be provided. An ethics committee statement, permission of a registry holder and possible other attachments must be included if they are relevant to the research.

The maximum length of the research plan is 12,000 characters (including spaces and references). The research plan must clearly indicate the research task involved the project, the method of study and analysis, a timeline, and a budget.

Application procedure

The applications are submitted via an electronic system at the address published on the Foundation’s website. Link to the grant application system: Each grant type has its own, separate form, which can be found in the above-mentioned grant application system.

For dissertations and research projects, a one-step application process is followed. Research grants are awarded in the form of individual grants.

Grant amounts

The Foundation awards research grants for a maximum of one year at a time. Dissertation work may be funded for a maximum of three years, subject to an annual application and an accompanying progress report.

The full-year individual grant for a dissertation author is max € 23,000, and € 26,000 for a post-doctoral researcher. These amounts do not include Myel payments or any compensation paid out to universities.

For cultural initiatives, the Foundation grants a maximum of € 4,000, and for development projects, a maximum of € 8,000.

Use, payment and deferral of the grant

Grants are generally paid in a single installment within two months of the announcement of the grant decisions, provided that the grant recipient submits their commitment and payment information on time. The grant must be taken into use no later than the beginning of the following year. The duration of the grant period can only be extended for a justified reason (parental leave, long-term illness). The request must be submitted to the Foundation’s secretary. Grant recipients must notify the Foundation immediately if they do not intend to use the grant. If the grant is not used for the purpose for which it was awarded, it may be recovered.

Reporting and monitoring

The grant recipient must report on the use of the grant for its intended purpose within three months of the end of the grant period. The report is submitted via the electronic grant system. The report must address the effectiveness and outcomes of the grant. Photographs and web addresses can be attached to the report. A report should not include information that is not public.